Frequently asked questions on compounding in pharmacies

You may find a term compounding of medical supplies in some pharmacies in newport. Several FAQs are revolving around this topic. Let us discuss some of these with answers.
FAQs in compounding
What is meant by the compounding of medicines?
Compounding of medical supplies is the act of altering the composition of a particular supply or mixing two or more medicines to make a tailor-made drug dosage that will suit a particular patient for his needs. Usually, compounding will take place when the patient could not be treated with ordinary dosages of the medicinal supplies or when he is allergic to such medication. You could not find medicinal compounding in all pharmacies. However, some pharmacies practice this process. Usually, there will be a mixture of two or more drugs in the process.
What is the need for drug compounding?
As said earlier, some patients could not accept regular drug dosage. For instance, a patient could be allergic to a particular ingredient of a drug. So, the drug should be used without that ingredient. To make the drug still efficient without that ingredient some other drugs will get mixed with the parent drug. It will not cause allergy to the patient and the effect will be there to treat the disease. Likewise, whenever pharmacists could not treat the patient with readily available drugs due to some reasons, they would go with drug compounding. However, the compounding procedure is not approved by FDA.
Who can involve in the compounding process?
Although the process is not approved by the FDA, the law states that people who are trained pharmacists could do the compounding of drugs whenever necessary. However, the patient should accept the fact that there would be risks involved. However, you can find compounding in several pharmacies in Newport.