10 Best Essential Oils that you must-have for diffusers

Essential oils and their benefits are multiple, from a simple sweet smell to wonderful wellness properties and perfect for DIY’s. Two ways to get the best result are using essential oil from the best essential oil brands and using the essential oil diffuser. The mist and the ambience can help you relieve stress and other anxiety issues that are bugging you. Turn On the essential oil diffuser with your favorite essential oil in and in no time you’ll feel your senses becoming calmer collected and refreshed.

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To begin with essential oil diffusers, it would be good to know about diffusing, how to do it and the best-oils for diffusing so that you could get the best benefits out of it.

Essential Oil Diffusing:

Let’s make one thing clear folks. Essential oil diffusing is not like using big warmers and diffusers we use to tackle the winters. Diffusing is more like an aromatherapy way, it’s the method of slowly releasing the essential oils in to the air with mild heat and their aroma does the work of stress-relief, anxiety relief, makes us calmer and bring in more positivity. The aroma lingers in the air and yields you very good mental wellness properties. With a good essential oil diffuser, you can control the mist and air-flow as you wish to get even more convenience for yourself.

Why we need Essential Oil Diffuser & Not Normal Home use Diffusers?

Essential oils are not compatible with the regular diffuser we use. They’ll wear them off and also they can’t hold essential oils during the diffusing process which involves heat. Most of best essential oil diffusers are made with materials that can withstand the essential oil diffusing , the heat involved and can enhance the aroma diffusing even more For ex: ceramic, wood, glass variants of essential oil diffusers are wonderful instead of plastic regular diffusers. You might get a question like ‘what kind of diffuser can we use for best results then?’ we have few reputed essential oil brands that make their own essential oil diffusers. Ceramic essential-oil diffuser is one of the best ways for essential oil diffusing. You can go for the brand Young Living’s which are being widely used. Essential oil diffusers on amazon can sometimes bring you frown face so, it’s better to get from essential oil brands.

Some of the good essential oil diffusers available:

The brand Young Living offers two variants of essential oil diffusers ‘Dewdrop’ and ‘Rainstone’ which are by far doing best. Dewdrop is good when you have kids around or if you like to move the diffuser often and if you don’t want any special effort for maintaining your essential oil diffusers. It’s made of high quality plastic which doesn’t break or crack in spite of multiple falls while moving here and there in home. The Rainstone is more like a ‘careful maintenance’ stuff. It’s got nice ceramic part which can break or crack even with slight mishandling. It has good timer & mist settings and has been preferred by many. Rainstone comes with a remote which is even more convenient.

Essential oil diffusing doesn’t involve burning the essential oil as it can change their nature. It’s more like cold-air diffused. So if you’re new to using essential oil diffusers always begin with single drop and follow the instruction in ‘how to use them’ fully. Once you get a hang, you can be on your own terms.

List of 10 Must-Have Essential oils for Diffusing

If you’re into essential oil diffusing then you need to some of the best essential oils that are good for diffusing and for your diffusers. With a good diffuser, the essential oils can do wonders from filling the air with exotic sweet aromas, relieve you from tensions and stress to that of becoming sedative and inducing good sleep. Take a look!

  1. Lavender:

It’s a must-have essential oil for diffusing. It’s an all-rounder which is good for mood lift, anxiety-relief, induce good-sleep, a disinfectant and a wonderful stress buster. All premium starter kits will not miss lavender in them. Go for it.

  1. Lemon:

The tangy citrusy aroma is an excellent refresher to our senses. It wakes you senses, cleans the air around, good stress-buster, excellent room-freshener and brings the feeling of joy and positivity. You can use lemon any time for your diffusing.

  1. Thieves:

Thieves have amazing smell which helps calm the senses immediately. It helps with overall wellness and boosts immune strength. It works well when combined with other herbaceous essential oils and it smells exotic when combined with orange oil and diffused.

  1. Frankincense:

Frankincense is a wonder ingredient for wellness. The aroma it releases is amazing, and it treats skin issues very well. The earthy grounded aroma relieves you from all dullness.

  1. Stressaway Blend:

The blend is wonderful in putting your stress away and makes you feel more happiness and joy. This blend is available in the premium starter kit along with lemon. It’s a must have blend for a diffuser.

  1. Cedarwood:

The earthy woody smell makes you feel more grounded and can help you in many ways including a good-night sleep and stress-bust.

  1. Eucalyptus:

Eucalyptus has multiple benefits. It’s a good disinfectant, good for relieving cold and fever uneasiness, removes nasal block due to heavy cold, brings in warmth, frees chest congestion and stops rough cough to some extent.

  1. Purification Blend:

Like it name, it kills bad odors and purifies the air. Use this blend if you want your air to smell wonderful and free of any stinks and remove them completely. The light refreshing aroma is good for uplifting your mood.

  1. Bergamot:

The citrusy fruity aroma is amazing and helps calm your senses. It brings cheer and positivity. It’s a must-have essential oil for your diffuser. Once diffused you’ll see how good they are.

  1. Peppermint:

Peppermint is a natural cooler. The tingling sensation wakes us up, brings cheer and a refreshed senses. It’s is available in the premium starter kit. It’s a good mood booster and air cleaner. Go for it.

We hope you find this information useful. Do share with us your favorite essential oil for diffusers which we might have missed. Happy diffusing!